Everyone, no matter who they are, deserves happiness, freedom & fulfillment in their life. 
I have a vision of empowering people all over the world, helping them find more happiness in their life - by educating and inspiring them on the opportunities available thanks to technology.

5 minutes of your time will help me to realise my vision.
Thank you in advanced!

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What is your first impression of The Wholesome Dollar website?

Describe in 20 words or less what you think The Wholesome Dollar is about.

The Wholesome Dollar Opportunities

What caught your interest when you were looking through these opportunities?

Will you explore these opportunities further?

What would motivate you to explore these opportunities further?

A goal, some friends, fun?
How can the Wholesome Dollar help you explore and to start benefiting from these opportunities?

What will help you make the most of these opportunities? What support would you like? What information will help you?

ie. More detailed information, tutorials, FAQs, Videos, Coaching, Workshops, Success Stories, Book, Step-by-Step Guide
The Create It Challenge

To help you explore the opportunities and find ones that are of interest to you, The Wholesome Dollar is about to launch the Create It Challenge.

How does the Challenge work?
1) Set a goal like: Pay for my flights for a dream holiday or buy tickets to a concert.
2) Explore & experiment with the opportunities 
3) Discover opportunities that work for you and allow you to save for your goal.

Along the way you'll be able to share ideas with The Wholesome Dollar Challenge community via a Facebook Group.
How interested are you in signing up for the challenge?

It's free! And you'll have support the whole way.
What thoughts, ideas & questions do you have about the Create It Challenge?

Would you like to be a participant in the Challenge?

At this stage this should be launching in June. You will be one of our very valuable beta testers.
The Create It Challenge - 
More fun with Friends!

The Create It Challenge is designed to be really fun, and it's even more fun when you do it with a friend.

Would you like to invite a friend or two along? If so, please leave their email address here OR share this survey with them on the last page.
Would you like to hear more about...

How likely are you to recommend The Wholesome Dollar to a friend?

Any other thoughts or comments?

Your thoughts are really valuable, so please don't hold back!
Please help me empower women all over the world by sharing this survey & spreading the word!

Thank you for being so amazing!
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